Testing Django with Codeship.io

In my previous post I set up a simple Django project. The next thing I will do is create a Github repo and push up code. Now the next step before I actually write any more code is running the tests in an automated fashion every time I push to master. I may forget to run all the tests when I am working locally but I can set it up to run on every push to Github. To do this, there are several options, travis-ci, snap-ci, and codeship. I will focus only on codeship as that is the one that I have chosen for this project.

After setting up an account, codeship has a flow to get the first project setup. I started by connecting my Github account so that I could access my projects. In the next step, I select the project that I would like to build. Finally, I configure the project with the following for the Setup Commands:

pip install -r requirements/test.txt
# Sync your DB for django projects
python manage.py test syncdb --noinput
python manage.py test migrate --noinput

The second box Configure Test Pipeline should like like this:

# Running your Django tests
python manage.py test

At this point, the project is setup and waiting for your first push the repo to kick off the first build.

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