Google/Chrome Tips and Tricks

There are some things that I just take for granted now when doing a Google search. I use Chrome as my default browser so these may be specific to Chrome and I make no guarantees of these working in other browsers or search engines. Let’s start with some tricks to avoid using the mouse.

Open a new tab.

<ctrl> + t (PC)

<cmd> + t (Mac)

Get back to the URL bar

<ctrl> + l (PC)

<cmd> + l (Mac)

Cycle through search results (works for PC and Mac)

<tab> (get to the first search result)

down/up arrow keys (cycle through results)

<enter/return> (select result)

Return to search results from selected result

<backspace> (PC)

<delete> (Mac)

Close a tab

<ctrl> + w (PC)

<cmd> + w (Mac)

Open most recently closed tab (will continue opening previously closed tab)

<ctrl> + T (PC)

<cmd> + T (Mac)

One more tick that I actually just learned today was the search tools in Google’s search. After searching, you have the ability to click the “Search tools” button. This will give you the option to filter based on results within the past hour, 24 hours, week, month, year or custom range. There is also another option to search based on visited links, not yet visited, reading level, or verbatim. You can also search by location. I have only used the time range so far but look forward to using the other options in my future searches.

Leave a comment with your favorite keyboard shortcuts or search tricks.

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